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¡Welcome to Famara with Calima Surf!

Welcome our surf camps Calimasurf in Famara beach on nature reserve, the most popular beaches in the Canary islands for learning. The Europe´s top adventure and extreme water sports holiday for activity people, your activities adventure low cost in Spain warn water destination.

Calimasurf have created a unique surfing holiday experience for travelers, group of friends and families on the best surfing destination in Europe, your sport holidays for all level surfers beginners to advanced.


What are you looking for?


1º What will I learn?

We carry out different courses (initiation, refinement and advanced), depending on the level of each student we will intensify the security measures in the water. How to understand currents, weather maps and preferential rules between the surfers, the different types of board and which one is most suited to you, warm up and stretching exercises before entering the water, how to paddle correctly on the board, how to rest appropriately on the board whilst you wait for the next set of waves, how to read the direction the wave is taking, turning left and right, perfect positioning, getting up on the board, slowing down and accelerating… If you already have the experience you will refine your style with new and advanced techniques designed for each manoeuvre(take-off, bottom turn, re-entry, cutback, floater, snap, aerials, pipes..) you will develop and advance further with some good corrections based on our Photo- video analysis.

2º what benefits will I acquire through this experience?

Everything that is necessary to become auto-sufficient and being able to practice this sport freely with all the correct precautions, a diploma that certifies your completion of the surf course, photos of you carrying out the activity, health and feeling of wellbeing whilst you carry out the activity in touch with nature, a healthy sun tan, new friends, ambition to travel the world with the only excuse of catching some waves, a new form of life where you’re the only protagonist and you carry out your dreams whilst only worrying about yourself.

3º Should I be afraid, embarrased or worry about anything?

Not at all, you will be happy to have time for yourself and being able to enjoy it. You shouldn’t have fear or feel embarrassed, 80% of the students we teach are beginners, if you don’t know how to swim properly don’t worry, the initiation is carried out in waist high water on a beach with a sandy bottom, all you need to do is inform us on your arrival at the school and our instructor will take the required precautions. You will feel unique taking the decision to carry out such an amazing activity, a dream come true, it’s all down to you.

4º I am a girl who travels alone. I have doubts if this sport is for me and if im going to feel comfortable in the surf house.

If you’re a girl and you have doubts whether this sport is for you, you would be surprised by the large amount of girls that practice this sport, or by the number that sign up to our initiation classes each week.
Numbers wise we have nearly the same amount of boys and girls in all of our surf camps. You must also note that we tend to have the same number of girls that arrive with a partner or Friends as we do girls that arrive on their own.
In the surf house we have rooms for girls and boys separately.
In you arrive on your own we can assure you will leave with a bunch of new Friends. It’s very easy to make new Friends, because all of the people that you share the surf house with will be people that you carry out the surfing activities with, and just like you, they’ve chosen the same way to spend their holidays, so you will already have one thing in common.

5º Do I have to be in good physical shape?

It’s not essential, although it will help towards you performing the activity and your overall good feeling, we all know sports are healthy for you and the initiation into surf is very easy and good fun in you letus look after you. The course is very manageable, normally we start at 10am and finish at 15pm, this includes theory and practice in the water. We will do Two sessionsper day, each consisting of two hours with an hour break in between to rest and recharge your energy with a tasty lunch provided by ourselves, relaxing in the sun and having a few laughs.

6º Is this sport dangerous?

Not with us in charge, you’ll have to your disposal all the initiation gear required to avoid any injuries that you could suffer or cause to any of the other people in the water. Our instructors are qualified lifeguards, the beach has a Sandy bottom and all of the students will be covered by our accident and liability insurance. The sea itself is not dangerous; it’s down to the inconsistence of each person and the lack of the correct knowledge when venturing out into the unknown…you should never be afraid of the sea, but always have a great respect for it. Establishing a set of fundamentals iskey to developing as a good surfer.

7º ¿Why choose Lanzarote (Playa de Famara) to enjoy as my holiday destination?

Known in Spanish terms as las islasafortunadas, these lucky islands are very low in terms of any type of crime.
We have the privilege of enjoying a great climate all year round, with a temperature in the air that sits between 19º to 28º and of 18º/24ºin the water. (Warm waters between August, September, and October until mid-November), this allows us to carry out our outdoor activities 350 days a year.
Lanzarote being declared a biosphere reserve offers spectacular volcanic landscapes, good gastronomy, a great diversity of tourism attractions, activities excursions to carry out, sun, beaches, and of course great waves, all this as a low cost destination.

8º Enjoy and have fun learning in an easy way, but why choose this school?

20 years’ experience.
Personnel that is highly qualified and committed to teaching and your wellbeing whilst on your holiday.
A teaching programme that is very effective in which we guarantee that with a 5 day course you will learn how to surf easily and rapidly, with all the knowledge you will require to be able to enjoy this great sport without putting yourself at risk. Should this not be the case you’ll be invited to carry on with the classes for free until you reach the objective.
Demonstrations and repeating exercises both in the water and on the beach, photo analysis, pointing out errors, personalized video analysis for the advanced. It’s impossible that you will go back home without having caught a wave.
We have two shops open from 8:30 to 19:00 with more than 200 boards to choose from, you’ll have the opportunity to carry on surfing outside of the course timetable (10 to 15:00) if you so desire.

9º Why stay in Famara?

A small fisherman’s village situated in the natural reserve of the small archipelago that offers amazing views of the islet of La Graciosa.
All round surfing atmosphere and an amazing sandy beach of over 5km situated just 100 metres from our surfhouse.
You will have at your disposal a house that’s totally equipped, comfortable, clean and safe in a very quiet area where you will be able to completely relax, both private and shared rooms to choose from (towels, sheets and quilts included), communal areas, kitchen, barbeque and a sunny terrace just a step away from the beach.
At a 100 metres from the house you will be able to find 3 supermarkets, 6 restaurants that offer fresh fish, 1 trattoria, 1 pizzeria/kebab shop, 1 burger bar with a variety of typical tapas, 1 bakery, 1 pub and the possibility to buy fresh fish from the harbour when the catch of the day comes in around 12:30/13:30.
You will be able to meet and share new experiences with people from all around the world whilst you stay with us, what’s life without sharing? People that arrive with the same dreams as you, learning to surf whilst having fun, making new friends andhaving some unforgettable holidays.

10º Who will I find there?

People of all nationalities. French, Italian, Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, English…everyone comes to Famara searching for good waves and warm weather. From 18 years old and up you put your limits in our surf camp! And from 9 years old you can join us on the beach! Everyone is welcome in our school.

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