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Winter surf camps (October to June).



When all nations of Europe are living the coldest months of the winter, CalimaSurf offers four different holidays for surfers (beginners, intermediate and advanced level) in Canary, Island of Lanzarote.


Canary Islands are well known all over Europe for its excellent climate during the northern emispere winter, with temperatures between 20ºC and 23ºC; for this reason it’s a privileged destination for outdoor sports training. Advanced surfers must know that the best seasons to surf in Lanzarote are autumn and winter, so it’s between september and april that you’ll have the most intense and powerful surfing sessions.


Here are the differences between the 4 different vacations we offer in winter season:


Perfectioning Camps (Surf Level 3)



We’ll use epoxy or PU extra light boards, good for any kind of progressive surfing and waves. The first day you will go to the beachbreak of Famara together with level 2 surfcampers and the surf instructors will evaluate your surfing skills. If they think you are ready to go on a surfari the next days you’ll be guided by our most experienced surf instructors to the best waves of the island. If the instructor will consider that the waves are too serious for your skills, you will get back to Famara beach to keep improving your style and manouvers on the beachbreak. This surfcamp level 3 includes a video of the surfari experience and a video-analysis session to better your surfing style.







La Graciosa island - Montaña amarilla waves Surfari  in la Graciosa Our Calimasurf





This surf camp is for the best surfers! We’ll inform you of the best waves and conditions for any given moment, so you waste no time and just surf all time.




Calima surf adventure




Surfing lessons for all levels, Famara beach special for beginners surfers.



Beginners Camps (Surf level1)


We’ll use special equipment for beginners, softboards that are meant to make you feel safer in the wáter and avoid accidents to you and to other beach goers. Softboards are very stable and have full buoyancy, so it’ll be easier and faster to learn how to surf. We’ll have a photo-analysis session to study the most common errors made by beginners, and we will practice on Famara Beach a full sandy bottom surfspot.


Beginners coaching Learning on the beach The first lesson



Enjoy with us in Famara





Progression (Surf level 2)



We’ll use epoxy hardboards, lighter surfboards that will let you manouver easily. We’ll have a photo-analysis sesión of your surfing; we will practice on the sandy Famara Beach, but if our surf instructors think that you are ready to surf reefbreaks (and if YOU feel like), you will go on your first surfari, always in full safety and according to your skills and wave conditions.



surf nivel 2 surfcamp nivel 2 surfers  level 2




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